Complete design and installation of new lighting systems. 

We repair all existing low voltage lighting systems, from changing light bulbs to running new wire.

We also offer a lighting maintenance agreement that includes the following:

  • A service tech to come out to your property twice a year. 

  • Check all fixtures for proper working order. 

  • Clean lenses & fixtures, straighten, trim or prune around fixture if needed. 

  • Check timer & photo cell. 

  • Reset timer for seasonal hours. 

  • Verify transformer operation to insure system is within proper voltage range. 

Here at John Littrell we understand that your home must be secure and pleasant upon arrival. We strive to accomplish just that by artistically creating a scene which compliments the architecture and surrounding of your home.

  • Up to 50,000 hour LED lamp life (many years longer than incandescent) 

  • The most energy efficient outdoor LED lighting source available using 80% less energy than standard 12V systems 

  • LED lighting systems run much cooler than standard bulbs

Services Offered

Outdoor Lighting Product

All of our lighting systems are installed as a hub system. This means there are main wires and the lights are connected at the end of those main wires.

Outdoor Lighting

  1. All of our wires in grass areas are buried at a minimum of 4 inches in depth

  2. Wiring and transformer are sized for proper voltage and wattage output. 

  3. All of our transformers have a built in photo cell so there are no worries of time changes

In an effort to give our customers the most efficient and dependable low voltage outdoor lighting systems, John Littrell Irrigation, refuses to sacrifice quality for price. We use proven products from the most dependable suppliers in the industry. 

We install outdoor lighting systems that include state of the art LED technology. The benefits of LED outdoor lighting include:

“Quality first…Always”

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Outdoor Lighting Systems Installation Specifications

  1. Each of the light fixtures has extra wire for minor seasonal movement.

  2. All of our wire splices are connected with UL listed direct burial wire connectors

  3. In bedding areas all of our wires are buried in dirt

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